Hannah Jain is a little bit country and a little bit rock and roll. She's a singer songwriter from Southern Ohio that grew up in a family with generations of musical ambitions. Her grandmother, a farmer's daughter with an angelic voice and a self-taught musician, had dreams of becoming a country music singer but gave way to that dream to raise a family. In Hannah's childhood household the music lived on through the tickling keys of piano played by both of her parents. Her father, a professor, an artist, a barbershop quartet singer, a musical theater performer and playwright influenced her musical and artistic growth.

Eventually moving to San Francisco, California to follow a career in graphic design becoming a Creative Director, her community of musician friends encouraged her to start writing and recording music.

Hannah's debut album "Up and Inside Out" was inspired by some of her favorite vocalists and songwriters... Patsy, Dolly, Willie, Jerry, Loretta, Johnny, Bobby, Rosetta, George, Tammy and Elvis. Her album is dedicated to everyone that taught her it's better late than never.


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